Ducati Bosch Ignition Ignitech Unit


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This Ducati Bosch Ignition programmable replacement unit is far ahead of the original units fitted. In-fact not even comparable. With this unit you’ll have the ability to program an ignition curve of your desire, and have an offset per cylinder that you can check with a strobe light to ensure perfect timing even with ignition pickup variations. Multiple input and outputs that can be programmed such as a retarded map for changes in fuel, Soft cut rev limiter and 2 stage shift lights just to name a few.

This item comes with the loom for the Bosch pickup set, and is pre-programmed with the standard curve. This is as easy as plug and play! Wiring instructions are here beltandbevel.com.au/how-to/

If you plan on using your Ducati regularly as they should be, you would be mad not to have this ignition unit fitted. It communicates to a laptop or PC for programing via Serial to USB. Software is Here http://www.ignitech.cz/exe/tcip4_v88.exe

*Resisted plug caps are required* Ignition unit will be damaged without them.

We also can supply an adaption of this unit for the 350 and 500 Parallel twins to run Hall effect sensors.



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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 80 × 25 mm