600 Pantah – Bologna Vigili Urbani

Ducati delivering the new police bike fleet -Bologna 1983

The restoration began in 2015 after receiving the 600 Pantah from Ian Gowanloch. The bike as far back as I can remember lived outside, first under a bike cover, then as the cover deteriorated, the bike was living outside.

How she arrived

The whole bike needed going through. There wasn’t a single part that was serviceable when it arrived. Ian and I knocked the brake pads out and lifted the calipers off to be able to get it to roll and move it into the van.

The right side was exposed to many years of sun, rain, frost and animals

Seat was good for the base, and a good indication of it’s original shape. The fuel tank had rust holes all through it, so much so you could put your fingers through it. The smell of the old stale fuel is describable, It lingered for weeks even after the tank was emptied and wrapped up. The original radio unit had been removed by the Bologna Police force before the bike left for auction. Noting that the is no tacho drive in the head and no instrument fitted. The loud speaker and radio handset filled the space of the tacho on this particular model. I have an original brand new in it’s box Ducati police 2 way radio unit, but I was also lucky enough to find a very well looked after used unit which is what is now fitted to the bike.

But it was all there with siren, but without the radio.
The strip down begins to assess.

Starting the strip down took some time as I was getting clear photos and notes on how particular parts were mounted, or the apparent surface finish the bike would need when it was eventually re-assembled. The other point is that even though this bike looks to be a TL Pantah it really isn’t, so much as a mix of many standard but different parts from different models. This includes Parallel twin, Bevel twin, TL Pantah, SL Pantah, and some parts like the crash bars, boxes, rack, forks, fairing, pistons and cams made specifically for the Ducati Pantah police bike model.

After shimming the crank and gearbox shaft, before closing up the engine
All parts in the engine building room, ready for assembly
Just the right amount of luster
Hand painted the wheels. Sometimes if you have a professional paint wheels they never look like they did from factory in 1983.
Meticulous restoration, where everything was test fitted, checked and adjusted before final assembly.
Missing it’s own wheels, have a loan unit installed
Sorting dash lights and radio setup
Wiring in the ignition system
Fitting up the loom and side covers
Last time in the restoration it needed to be on the work bench
Only piece at this point missing was the Paletta for the front left fork to signal traffic
600 Pantah Police at completion
Ducati SSR electronica 2 way radio unit fitted
Three of the 600 Pantah Police bikes in the factory circa 1983
Kitted out in full Bolognse Police uniform – Auto Italia 2017