Honda CBR150 2006 – 150cc Production racing

At Belt and Bevel we not only have a passion for Ducati, but racing in general. The opportunity came up to race endurance in a 150cc production class and we thought that this would be a great way to get laps in, spend time with friends and get a bike going as well as the class rules will allow.

Privateer team
• 4 and 6 Hour endurance racing for Commuterlite series
• 7 Races in the season
• Our Team consists of team manager, mechanic, 2 riders for the 4 hour and 3 riders for the 6 hour.
• Races are held at Pheasant Wood race circuit in Marulan, about half way between Canberra and Sydney.
• 30 bikes per race.
• 100+ people involved in the events

A bit about the team:

Angelika – Team Manager. Born in Germany. Meticulous and an eye for details. Has the hard task of ensuring everyone has everything they need, and everyone is where they need to be before and during the race. Data logging, recording everything and communicating with the riders while on the track.

Grant – Chief Mechanic. Responsible for keeping the bike running at it’s best, and with constant improvements. Trained and qualified as a fitter machinist and instrument maker, the parts that Grant makes for the bike are second to none. With 40+ years involved in racing, and bike development there is a wealth of knowledge for getting a bike to perform at it’s peak.

Michael – Rider. Riding since he was 4 and racing since he was 5 years old, in short circuit. Michael has been around motorcycles and racing forever. Michael rides some kind motorcycle every day, sometimes more than one. He’s always around bikes.

Dave – Rider. Dave was a mechanic at Team Moto in Brisbane. Now working in Canberra, as a building management system technician, he hasn’t lost his interest in engines making him an enthusiastic owner and rider of his bike, quad, and paraglider. He also loves videography of his adventures.

Nicholas – Rider. Very fast on track, but has never had a road bike license. Nick’s strength is off road riding and fast paced over taking. Living in Adelaide, Nick will fly across for 3 of this season’s races. Nick is an award wining fine furniture maker. Everything he makes he makes well, and this also translates across to his riding style too.

Alan – Rider. Smooth, fast, and calm. Alan is our secret weapon. Alan is the oldest and most experienced racer in the team, and by far the fastest too. Born in England, Alan has competed in road racing off road and classic motorcycles for years, knows the tracks, the lines and the people. He loves a good dark beer after crossing the finish line at the end of the day.

A bit about the bike:

Bike number 77, is a 2006 Honda CBR150R. It cost 2 cases of XXXX beer and some paint for the body work, some favors for the stickers, time and an eye for detail. With all the pivoting points cleaned checked and set, engine clearances done, fresh fluids, jetting changes, good tyre choices and pressures set right after much testing. The bike will be pushed to the limits of what a 17 year old bike can do against the modern fuel injected commuter 150cc. 3D printed parts are making its way onto the bike. From the data logger bracket, to small clips and pieces, Angelika is a master with CAD and it’s helping to keep costs down.

Would you like to sponsor bike number 77 ? We’re keen on any assistance that is available. send us an email to with your proposal.

Current sponsors:

Knuckles Restaurant

Belt and Bevel – Ducati Specialists

Current supporters:

Fisher Discounts – King Tony Tools, 12 Gladstone st Fyshwick. New Eagle Signs, 10/45 Bayldon Rd Queanbeyan. Wilkinson and Sons Photography. Canberra Automotive Engineering Services Unit 1/69 Grimwade St Mitchell. John Varga

Pheasant Wood 4 hour Endurance 05/04/2023

Riders: Nicholas Fuller and Pete Wilkinson. Crew on the day: Grant Fuller, Angelika Fuller, Michael Fuller (Squished finger)

The day was cold and damp, cool moist track at the start of the day. Fastest lap for bike 77 was 1:08.149 (Nicholas). Bike was put down by Nick

Qualified 14th, Finished 15th from 23 teams

Was Pete’s 42nd Birthday (we didn’t know this at the time).

Michael was meant to be racing with Nick. The week before the race, Michael was splitting firewood with a hydraulic wood splitter. Accidentally got his finger stuck between a piece of wood and the anvil. He had surgery to put close the damage and fix the nail. no movement and still an open wound by race day. So Pete Wilkinson stepped up as fill in rider and performed very well.

Most crashes we’d seen so far in a singe race, including ambulance trip for 1 rider.

Testing a new AiM Solo2 Data logger, very impressed with this system already. Results to follow.

Pheasant Wood 4 hour Endurance 15/04/2023

Riders: Michael Fuller and Dave Vetier. Crew on the day: Grant Fuller, Angelika Fuller, Ray Spence, Tony and Pete Wilkinson

The day was mild and dry, cool moist track at the start of the day. Fastest lap for bike 77 was 1:05.409 (Michael). First time out on Dunlop TT900GP tyres. Setting changes since last track time were flatter bar position and fork preload.
Also our bike won the Wemoto Au award for best presented bike.